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Drug Charge Criminal Defense

Drug charges are on the rise because prosecutors want to make a statement. Harsher penalties, swifter legal action, and a increase in prison sentences means that prosecutors have been given new tools to take you down. Hiring an award winning criminal defense attorney might be your best best yet.

Why Hire David Rudoi

If you’re taking the time to search online for a criminal defense attorney, first and foremost, David wants you to not panic. He knows how stressful a charge can be. Next, he wants you to pick up the phone and call his office. Mr. Rudoi is an award winning, tenured criminal defense attorney. If after speaking with you, if he doesn’t believe he is the best attorney for the job, he will find you one who is. That’s his promise. To put his clients first, every time. 

An Attorney Who Talks to You About Your Case

When you’re facing a criminal charge or going through a criminal case you will have lots of questions and concerns. A lot of lawyers take days to weeks to respond, and you have to call and call to get answers. David however is always available and provides constant updates. 

Defend Your Freedom

Don’t gamble with your freedom, do all you can to find the best attorney for your case. David Rudoi provides free telephone consultations, you can ask questions and see if he is a fit for you ad your defense needs.

Learn More about Drug Defense

David Rudoi is a decorated drug defense attorney. For over a decade Mr. Rudoi has successfully defended the rights of the accused, even winning high-profile cases that other attorneys believed were lost causes.

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