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14A District Court, Washtenaw County, Michigan

If you are summoned to 14A District Court in Washtenaw County, Rudoi Law will not only effectively represent you but help maneuver you through the court’s system.

The 14A District Court handles all misdemeanor crimes, traffic offenses such as DUI, and civil cases in Washtenaw County, except for the city of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Township.

14A-1 District Court

The 14A-1 District Court is located in the Washtenaw County Service Center in Pittsfield Township. Judge J. Cedric Simpson presides over landlord-tenant and general civil cases, and small claims court for the city of Ypsilanti, Barton Hills Village, and Ann Arbor, Augusta, Pittsfield and Salem Townships. The court also takes criminal and civil cases for Pittsfield Township. In addition, all preliminary examinations for felony crimes committed in Washtenaw County are held here.

14A-2 District Court

The 14A-2 District Court is located in downtown Ypsilanti. Judge Kirk W. Tabbey handles misdemeanors and civil cases that arise from the city of Ypsilanti, Barton Hills Village, and Ann Arbor, Augusta, Salem and Superior Townships. The court has jurisdiction over Eastern Michigan University where students are often cited for alcohol-related offenses. Students reach out to a DUI lawyer for help in their defense against underage drinking and other violations.

14A-3 District Court

Judge Richard E. Conlin presides over the court located in downtown Chelsea. All cases arising from the city of Chelsea, and Dexter, Lima, Lyndon, Northfield, Scio, Sylvan and Webster Townships are handled here. The court also presides over civil and criminal cases from Dexter Village.

14A-4 District Court

Located in the city of Saline, Judges Simpson and Tabbey split the duties here. The court handles general civil and small claims cases for the cities of Chelsea, Saline and Milan, and for Dexter Township and Dexter Village. The same types of cases are heard for Bridgewater, Freedom, Lima, Lodi, Lyndon, Manchester, Northfield, Saline, Scio, Sharon, Sylvan, Webster and York Townships. Besides these places, the court oversees criminal and traffic cases from the Village of Manchester.

If you have a civil or criminal case in 14A District Court or need a DUI lawyer in Michigan, contact the offices of Dave Rudoi, criminal defense attorney.