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44th District Court, Royal Oak, Michigan

If you are summoned to the 44th District Court in Royal Oak, Rudoi Law will not only effectively represent you but help maneuver you through the court’s system.

The 44th District Court in Royal Oak, Michigan is on 400 East Mile Road in Royal Oak. Unlike other district courts in the state, which may serve several municipalities, the 44th District Court only serves the city of Royal Oak. Michigan so far has about 100 district courts.

44th District Court

The judges who preside in the 44th District Court are Daniel Sawicki, who’s served since 1982, and Terence H. Brennan, who’s served since 1991.


The 44th District Court is separated into divisions. One division is criminal, which handles misdemeanors. This division also sets and accepts bail, conducts jury and bench trials and hands out sentences. There’s also traffic court, which is responsible for handling parking and other traffic violations. The fines for traffic violations start at $65.00 for not wearing a seat belt and go up from that. Most traffic violations carry a $130.00 fine.

Civil Court

Civil court handles general civil cases up to $25,000, including landlord/tenant cases and foreclosures. Civil court also handles small claims up to $3,000. The small claims court alone sees over a thousand people a year.

Probation Department

The court’s probation department supervises defendants who are on probation. It also tests for alcohol in suspected DUI cases, so the Michigan DUI lawyers of Rudoi Law will represent our clients here. Another division of the 44th District Court conducts pre-sentencing investigations.

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