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45A District Court, Huntington Woods, Berkley, Oakland County, Michigan

If you have received a civil summons to appear in the 45A District Court, this means that someone has filed a civil complaint against you to recover damages, including requesting the court issue a judgment against you so that they can begin to collect money from you.

Also, since this court has jurisdiction involving certain felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses, the government is requesting that the court returns a guilty verdict against you so that a sentence involving fees, fines, jail or other penalties be imposed against you. In either case, you should contact an attorney, specifically if your case involves a criminal charge.

The attorneys at the Rudoi Law are available for a consultation to discuss your pending case shortly after being summoned or arrested. Our attorneys possess the knowledge and skills, and often represent clients who have pending criminal charges or have cases which were litigated in this court.

45A District Court Jurisdiction and Location

The 45th A District Court is one of the state district courts which have original jurisdiction involving specific civic and criminal cases filed in the state of Michigan. Under the law, courts with original jurisdiction have the authority to be the first to hear cases involving specific legal issues as determined by statue. For example in Michigan, in this court, when the amount involved is up to $25,000 in a civil lawsuit and $3,000 or less in small claims action, this court will be the first court to hear the matter.

If you have recently been charged with a criminal offense, this court has the power to set your bond, or to issues search warrants in a criminal proceeding. Since arraignments and preliminary exams for felony cases are also heard in this Court, you will need the advice from an experienced attorney such as the lawyers at the Rudoi Law Firm who can guide you through these procedures.

The Court is located at 3338 Coolidge Highway, Berkley, MI 48072. The main telephone number is 248-658-3400. The Court is administered by a presiding judicial officer, currently Judge Jamie Wittenberg. The court hears various civil cases such as garnishment proceedings, landlord-tenant evictions, land contract disputes, mortgage foreclosures, traffic offenses, bench trials, jury trials and sentencing procedures occurring in Berkley, Hunting Woods, and Oakland County, Michigan.

DUI and OWI Lawyers in Michigan

Our attorneys at the Rudoi Law realize that facing a conviction for drunk driving offenses, such as a DUI or OWI, has serious legal consequences. The judge presiding over your case in this court could sentence you to jail, impose stiff fines and penalties, or assess points against your driver’s license which could make it difficult for you to obtain or maintain your employment. If you have been arrested in Berkley, Huntington Woods or Oakland County Michigan for a DWI or OWI offense, contact our office today to discuss your case and to learn what legal options you have to fight the allegations against you.

Oakland County Attorney

It is often a misconception among the public that hiring an attorney from outside the local area in which there is a pending criminal case would be in their best interest. However, we are Oakland County Attorneys who have the experience and knowledge of the local court rules, procedures and laws governing criminal laws in the state and more importantly, in this court. We have successfully represented many criminal defendants in various criminal cases such as DUI, drug trafficking, minor in possession, and other criminal matters heard federal and state courts.

DUI Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been recently charged with a OWI or DUI offense, contact our office to arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys such as David Rudoi. He is a Michigan DUI lawyer and is here to help you fight the allegations against you.

He is well aware of all the tactics the prosecutors will attempt to use in order to obtain a verdict of guilt against the criminally accused, especially in cases involving OWI or DUI offenses. However, despite the existence of strict driving while intoxicated or under the influence laws in the state of Michigan, Mr. Rudoi recognizes also that the government must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt and for that matter prosecutors must convince the fact finder that the accused person operated a vehicle while under the impairment of alcohol or drugs. There are several defenses available among which include false-positive chemical test results, medications and improper field testing administration.

As an attorney from Michigan who understands Michigan DUI laws and the operations of the 45A District Court, the attorneys at Rudoi Law will view all of the evidence the state seeks to use against you and gather all of the facts in your case so that justice is administered fairly in your case.

Legal Representation

Contact our office to arrange a consultation with one of the attorneys at Rudoi Law today to discuss your case. Our team works hard to build a strong defense on the behalf of our clients so that our clients can avoid tough legal consequences such as going to jail or prison, or paying harsh fines. Under some circumstances it is possible that the charges in your case could get dismissed, reduced, or the judge could order you to serve a sentence of probation or community service. Contact us today so that you can be provided with legal representation!