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50th District Court, Pontiac, Michigan

If you are summoned to 50th District Court in Oakland County, Rudoi Law will not only effectively represent you but help maneuver you through the court’s system.

The 50th District Court is a State District Court located at 70 North Saginaw, in Pontiac, Michigan in the Judge William J. Waterman Hall of Justice Building. The main telephone number is 248 758-3800. The Court is administered by four elected District Judges, who each serve a six year term.

50th District Court

Current judges include:

Hon. Preston G. Thomas
Hon. Michael C. Martinez
Hon. Cynthia T. Walker
Hon. Ronda M. Fowlkes Gross

Jurisdiction of the Court

The jurisdiction of the Court includes all violations of City Ordinances and State Misdemeanor Laws including DUI charges, preliminary examinations regarding felony cases, civil matters up to $25,000, small claims matters up to $3,000, landlord tenant matters, eviction proceedings, garnishments, land contracts and mortgage foreclosure matters that take place in Pontiac, Michigan and Oakland County. All traffic tickets are also processed by the Court’s Violation bureau including infractions or misdemeanors.

DUI and OWI Offenses

If you have been arrested in Pontiac, Michigan for a DUI or OWI offense or other criminal misdemeanor offenses, chances are your case will be heard before one of the presiding District Court Judges of the 50th District Court. You should contact attorney David Rudoi, a DUI lawyer in Michigan, immediately to defend you in Court. These charges are taken serious by prosecutors and require the expertise of an attorney in Michigan who specializes in DUI/OWI cases to fight for you.

Michigan DUI Lawyer

You will receive a better outcome of your case when you have proper legal representation and someone looking out for your best interests. An attorney from Michigan is an expert at Michigan DUI laws, understands the way the Court system works, and is familiar with the prosecutors and judges at the 50th District Court. The attorneys at Rudoi Law will review police reports and other documents, interview any witnesses and build a strong defense in order to get your charges reduced to a lesser offense, get you probation, community service or get your case dismissed.

Michigan Drug Lawyer

If you have been arrested in Pontiac Michigan for a Marijuana related offense the lawyers at Rudoi Law are experts in drug related cases. Rudoi Law can help you get the tough representation that you deserve and ensure that the best outcome possible is achieved. The attorneys at Rudoi Law are experts in 4th Amendment Rights and will fight to have evidence suppressed due to an illegal search if the police did not properly follow procedures. Rudoi Law will fight to provide you with the best possible outcome in your drug related case.

Contact us today for tough legal representation.