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52-2 District Court, Clarkston, Michigan

If you are summoned to the 52-2 District Court in Oakland County for a misdemeanor or felony case, Rudoi Law will not only effectively represent you but help maneuver you through the court’s system.

The 52-2 District Court located in Clarkston, Michigan has four divisions dealing with all aspects of misdemeanor cases in southeast Michigan. There is the Traffic Division, Civil Division, Criminal Division and Probation Department.

Criminal Division

The Criminal Division has two presiding judges, the Honorable Joseph Fabrizio and the Honorable Kelley Kostin. They have a support staff of dedicated individuals who help the judges with the smooth running of the courtroom.

Drunk Driving Cases

The cases heard in the Criminal Division are drunk driving cases, cases of issuing bad checks, carrying a concealed weapon, domestic violence, marijuana, drug and larceny cases. The list goes on, but the court hears every case involving a misdemeanor. In the 52-2 District Courthouse, the misdemeanor cases are heard from start to finish within the building by the judges on the bench. When a defendant moves within the courthouse from pre-trials to criminal jury trials, they are heard by the 52nd District Court judges, either Judge Fabrizio or Judge Kostin.

When arrested for allegedly driving drunk in the jurisdiction of the 52nd District Court, you will need an experienced DUI lawyer in Michigan. Every state has different statutes and the letter of the law may be misunderstood unless you have an attorney who specializes in Michigan law. The lawyers of Rudoi Law know all the important nuances of Michigan law that pertain to each case on an individual basis.

Medical Marijuana Possession

If arrested for possession of marijuana, the lawyer chosen is vital for the swift resolution of the case. That can only happen with a Michigan lawyer familiar with the marijuana laws in the state that the alleged crime occurred. Some arrests are often the mistake of the arresting officer who is unfamiliar with the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

Experienced Michigan Attorney

It is important to hire a criminal lawyer who is acquainted with the fine points of the MMMA. The defendant needs a professional who is familiar with the courtroom, the judges and the procedures involved in the case that is being brought against them.

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