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Within the State of Michigan, an “aggravated assault” is an assault that involves serious injuries to a victim. The definition of an aggravated assault means that a person was harmed to the extent that they required immediate medical treatment. The injury may involve impairment of health, disfigurement, or any type of impairment of any part of the body.


The injuries experienced do not necessarily have to be severe. The do not have to rise to the level of being catastrophic. If someone goes unconscious or if an injury requires stitches, it could rise to the level of aggravated assault. All facts of each case matter in the determination of whether an incident rises to the level of aggravated assault. Whether or not something can be considered a catastrophic injury is best determined by a seasoned lawyer experienced with cases involving aggravated assault within the Royal Oak, Michigan jurisdiction.


The penalties for being found guilty for aggravated assault are rather serious. A defendant can be hit with a fine of up to $1,000, and worse yet, they could face up to a year in jail. Of course, the severity of such a conviction could seriously hinder a defendant’s future employment prospects. Moreover, such a conviction can also have serious implications as to future travel and immigration desires. If convicted, certain persons may be deported. Certain persons may lose their employment as well.

Experienced Aggravated Assault Lawyer

Should you or a loved one be charged with aggravated assault, you will need an experienced Royal Oak, Michigan aggravated assault lawyer immediately to provide you with a skillful aggravated assault defense. The stakes are far too high to do otherwise, given the harshness of the fines and the potential jail time. Call our aggravated assault lawyers today at (248) 935-9074. They are prepared to fight for your interests and to protect your rights.