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Can you get DUI charges dropped in Michigan?

It is possible to get DUI charges dropped in Michigan.

The state of Michigan has steep consequences for driving under the influence. Driving while intoxicated could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fines, and you may lose your license. It also appears on your driving record, and it can result in higher insurance rates. Fortunately, there is hope if you have been ticketed for DUI.

Be Nice – Even if the Officer Isn’t

Getting a DUI reduced actually starts at the time of the traffic stop. The officer will be in court when you appear to fight the allegation, and you will face a more difficult time if you were rude or belligerent. Regardless of how you feel the officer is treating you, you must remain polite throughout the experience. Vent about it later to your friends, but don’t make the mistake of getting rude with law enforcement.

Know Your Rights

It’s easier to get DUI charges reduced or discharged if you understand your rights. You don’t have to submit to a breathalyzer, and you can ask to go to the hospital to have a test administered. You will automatically be charged with the DUI crime and will have to appear in court, but that gives you time to talk to an attorney and work on beating the charges. Remember that you do have a right to remain silent, and sometimes respectful silence is the best defense.

Write Down the Details

It’s hard to be pulled over for DUI, and it’s natural to want to forget about the experience. However, it’s better to spend a little time focusing on it. Write down everything you can remember about the stop. Take note of questions you were asked, tests you were expected to participate in and anything the officer said. This information could become a vital part of your defense, but only if you take the time to remember it and write it down.

Hire an Attorney as Soon as Possible

Don’t wait until a week before your court date to look for an attorney. Call experienced attorneys the next business day. It takes time to gather evidence, but good attorneys will take the time necessary. They will request copies of the dashboard video from the officer’s car, and they will request medical reports from the hospital. With their experience and knowledge, you can take advantage of an aggressive and effective defense.
Getting a DUI in Michigan does not have to mean the end of your driving career. This is a serious charge, and you will need help to have it reduced or dropped. However, qualified attorneys are available to help you get through this process as painlessly as possible.Contact the DUI experts at Rudoi Law Today.