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DUI First Offense

First Offense, Drunk Driving.


Even for a DUI first offense, you face serious potential punishments. Depending on the judge you draw—and we know which ones have a history of tough sentencing—jail time is a real possibility.

What’s more, in cities throughout Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb Counties, you’re up against hardened prosecutors and career politicians who are measured by the frequency and severity of their convictions. Especially with drunk drivers.

This is not the time to experiment with self-representation or plead to the charges “just to get it over with.” You need the expertise of a lawyer that specializes in OWI and DUI cases.


At Rudoi Law, we have the OWI (DUI) expertise you need. We understand the criminal system. We know the defense strategies that have won in court. And we understand the judges and prosecutors working in Metro Detroit today. We’ll give you the tough defense you deserve, all while demystifying a complex process.

What’s more, we understand the needs of our clients. Battling for your future can be emotionally draining. And for many people, a first offense DUI is the only trouble they’ve had with the law. That’s one of the reasons why we work so hard. We believe one mistake shouldn’t negate a lifetime of work or cost you your freedom.


At Rudoi Law, we begin every case ready and willing to go to trial. This is your life, your freedom—and we’re prepared to fiercely defend your rights.

Contrary to public opinion, many OWI (DUI) cases actually go to trial. We’re confident that in the courtroom we can present a powerful, compelling defense. In fact, we’ve successfully contested cases using a variety of defense strategies.

That doesn’t mean we won’t work diligently to secure a plea bargain that’s in your interest. After we have explored and weighed all your legal rights, if the prosecution offers a “good deal,” it makes sense to take it. But remember: many factors influence a prosecutor’s decision for a fair resolution, which more than likely includes a defendant’s willingness to go to court, one represented by equally determined counsel.



If you or someone you care about needs legal counsel for your drunk driving case, Rudoi Law is available 24 hours a day to help.

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