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House Bill 5104 – The “Medibles” Bill

At the end of 2013 the Michigan House of Representative proposed two bills to clarify ambiguous areas of the existing Michigan Medical Marijuana Act that have raised substantial issues in the states judiciaries. First, House Bill 4271, that amended the MMA to allow local municipalities to decide whether or not to allow “provisioning centers” to operate with in their communities, was passed with ninety-five representatives votes. In addition, House Bill 5104, which will allow patients legal access to marijuana infused products, was passed in the House of Representative with one hundred votes. HB 5104 also referred to as, “The Medibles Bill” or “The Concentrates Bill” will give patients legal access to marijuana infused products such as edibles, extracts, tinctures, topical lotions, and beverage.
House Bill 5104 is an amendment to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act in reaction to the recent Court of Appeals decision that criminalized the production and possession of various forms of cannabis. Since the courts decision, many patients have been deprived of “medically infused products” that have provided treatment to themselves or their children. Some parents have turned to using tinctures and extracts to treat severe disorders that have been unresponsive to other treatment options as a last resort. Theses parents have to weigh their child’s health with the legal consequences of continuing prior effective treatment options. This bill would allow caregivers to provide their patient’s with alternative forms of cannabis and if House Bill 4271 is also passed in the Senate it will allow “provisioning centers” to provide Medically Infused Products to patient’s under government regulations. These government regulations will require “provisioning centers” to clearly label edibles with both the weight and amount marijuana infused in the product. Both bills are expected to be passed in the near future to correct the courts decision that led to patients be prosecuted under the law.

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