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A felony is a crime against another individual and a criminal offense against the state. It is something that is taken seriously by the law. The weight of the penalty depends on how grievous your charge is according to the penal code. You can be sentenced to a long time in prison, fined for a hefty sum, or both. Thus, you need an excellent felony charges defense so you don’t end up wrongfully indicted.

Being charged with a criminal offense is hard. This is especially true when you have to defend your rights without being fully versed with felony matters. The whole process can get very overwhelming. This is why you need help in facing prosecution and coping with whatever consequences that will follow.

Seek Legal Help from Felony Charges Defense

The first thing you should do when charged with an offense in Royal Oak, MI is to look for a good legal counsel. You can’t just face the government prosecutor as a one-man army. You need someone to defend you during a courtroom battle. You need a defender during the arraignment that will do all their best to keep you out of jail and spare you from all possible penalties.

One of your best options is to reach out to Rudoi Law for someone to help you. We have qualified lawyers who can work on your case. Call us at 248-935-9074 for enquiries or email us directly at We will stand our ground as we fight for you.

Educate Yourself

Don’t just rely on your attorney for information regarding your case. Conduct your own research about the subject matter. What kind of felony charge have you been accused of and what consequences will you be facing? The best weapon in war is proper knowledge. How do you expect yourself to face the court when you don’t even know anything about what is being charged against you?

Feel free to ask your lawyers questions regarding the case. What are your chances? What evidences can you present to contest your innocence? What is the progress of your case? What are the proper steps that need to be taken?

These are only a few of the many questions that you should have the answers to. While you can trust your lawyer to do their best, it still makes a difference when you have an idea of what you are facing. After all, even the best warriors had to discover their weakness to keep themselves strong.

Find Emotional Support

During this hard time in your life, you need people that you can truly count on. You need your family, friends, and other loved ones to give you the support that you should be receiving. Remember that this is not a battle that you can win on your own. You need others to keep your mind sound and your spirit going. The whole proceeding takes a while and, as it runs, you need an endless amount of strength to keep the fight going. Find people to stay by your side from start to end.

Being charged with a felony is a tough moment in your life. You can overcome this hardship with the right attorney to give you the best felony charges defense in Royal Oak, MI. Through their help, you can be positive about the outcome of your case.