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Legal Prescreen – Medical Marijuana

Legal Prescreen – Medical Marijuana


While the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act has opened a new avenue of treatment for those suffering medical ailments, that doesn’t mean that there are not potentially grave legal considerations for patients.

State and local governments have issued numerous, often contradictory, laws. Equally confusing, law enforcement continues to harshly “enforce” the outdate law, even after the passage of this historic legislation.


Rudoi Law offers expertise in the new legal field surrounding the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Before you act under the MMMA, we strongly encourage you to have a legal consultation to steer clear of known problems.

Whether you’re a patient needing medical marijuana or a considering becoming a medical marihuana provider, Rudoi can help you navigate the shifting, uncertain terrain. We can advise you on the registrations needed and the restrictions proscribed by the Michigan Legislature.

We can also advise you on the prevailing attitudes of prosecutors in your area and what to do in the event you are confronted by law enforcement.

Remember: being confronted by the police about medical marihuana is a real possibility and could have serious consequences. You need to be prepared to defend yourself from overzealous officials.


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