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Is It Legal To Smoke or Possess Marijuana in Lansing, Michigan?


In the state capital, local residents are asking the question, “is it legal to smoke or possess marijuana in Lansing, Michigan?  About 62% of voters cast their ballots in support of the measure; unfortunately, local police are still allowed to enforce state laws. In Lansing, the city appears determined to spend their limited resources on arresting people for a substance that is safer than alcohol, regardless of what voters want. There is a clear mandate and need for statewide reform. State Representative Jeff Irwin has introduced a bipartisan bill that would decriminalize marijuana. HB 4623: Controlled substances; marijuana; possession or use of 1 ounce or less of marijuana; decriminalize under certain circumstances (MCL 333.7403 & 333.7404). Jeffery Hank, a Lansing attorney who has strongly pushed for the proposal states, “Its important to send a message and to take a position as a capital city. Is it legal to smoke or possess marijuana in Lansing, Michigan? No, but we’re the last of the major cities to have marijuana decriminalization reform.” In Lansing, where the Mayor backed legalization, unofficial election results showed the measure there winning handily, with 8,550 voters supporting it and 5,339 opposing.


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