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Looking to Expunge your Criminal Charges in Oakland County?

Looking to Expunge your Criminal Charges in Michigan? convictions in Michigan can impact your life in all sorts of negative ways. At Rudoi Law we can make setting aside a conviction so much easier. Expungement means your criminal record is no longer viewable to the public. Expungement of a criminal conviction can relieve a lot of stress and headache for those with a criminal history. Expungement of criminal charges in Oakland County can be a difficult process.

If you have an adult criminal conviction in Oakland County that you would like to set aside or expunge there are certain qualifications that will make you eligible for an expungement. To be eligible for expungement in Michigan an individual must meet all of the sentencing requirements linked with the criminal charges. To be eligible for an expungement in Michigan five years must have passed since completion of those requirements for your criminal charges. If the judge decides a person with criminal history may also have to complete any probationary time given. A person with a criminal record may only include two misdemeanor offenses and one felony offense to be eligible for expungement. If there are two misdemeanor charges on their record, either or both charges can be expunged (if eligible).

The expungement process can be fairly easy with the help of Rudoi Law. To expunge your criminal charges, we will submit an application and provide appropriate supporting documents to the appropriate government agencies. We will have an expungement hearing in front of the judge and if granted your criminal history will be erased to public, appearing, essentially, as though your criminal history never happened.

Many criminal charges are expungable in Michigan, however there are some charges Michigan will not allow to be expunged including:

Human trafficking

Child abuse in the presence of another child or child abuse in the second degree

Domestic violence if there is one or more prior domestic violence conviction (including misdemeanors and felonies)

Traffic offenses (including Driving Under the Influence – DUI)

Criminal sexual conduct (including rape and statutory rape)


Even the smallest of criminal charges could lead to lifelong devastating effects. If you have received criminal charges don’t hesitate to call Rudoi law for sound expungement advice. We will present the serious, aggressive defense you need. Our experience with the local legal environment can help us define a legal strategy that works best for you and your need for a fair and fast resolution. Contact us right away to get someone on your side who fight for you.