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The MI Legalize Ballot Proposal has reported that it’s on track to collect all of the 252,000 required signatures to return to the Michigan Board of Canvassers to be considered for the 2016 ballot.

Under the proposed bill there would be a 10 percent excise tax, and adult users would be permitted to grow up to 12 plants without getting a license. If an adult wished to grow more plants, or sell it, he or she would need to apply for a license.

In addition to marijuana, their comprehensive approach is to enable farmers to grow and sell hemp for the production of consumer goods. It is estimated that the MI legalize Ballot Proposal would save the state $300 million immediately, by alleviating enforcement of marijuana laws. If MI Legalize Ballot Proposal passes, it could potentially generate an additonal $200 million and close to 25,000 jobs.

Money generated would be committed to roads (40 percent), education (40 percent), and the remaining 20 percent would be given back to the local community that chose to zone and create an ordinance for commercial cannabis activity in their town or city.

MI Legalize Board member attorney David Rudoi is seeking help from from voters around the state with fundraising and volunteer signature collection. For more information on how you can help visit today!

MI Legalize Ballot proposal is one of three proposals being petitioned to legalize cannabis in Michigan 2016. It is the only proposal which also legalizes the production and sale of hemp.

While Michiganders currently have approved the use of medical marijuana, police departments and prosecutors still act as if medicinal use is illegal. There are many areas still unaddressed by the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. Far too often, law enforcement sees this ambiguity and uncertainty in the MMMA as justification for doing things the old way.

At Rudoi Law, we fight each one of these cases strongly. Your right to the treatment you need shouldn’t be denied. We also understand that it will take a determined, consistent effort on the part of attorneys statewide to protect and enshrine patients’ rights.

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