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Michigan Driver’s License Appeals

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Michigan Driver’s License Appeals can be a complicated process, seek counsel to give yourself the best chance at having your appeal granted.

The first in Michigan driver’s license appeals is to the request for Hearing form and a Substance Abuse Evaluation form to AHS at the address below.

You must submit your request for a hearing with a current substance abuse evaluation, dated not more than 3 months before the date it will be received by the Department. If you haven’t obtained a substance abuse counselor, search online for a counselor in your area. It is the substance abuse counselor who prepares the evaluation and provides you with the completed form required for your appeal hearing. Your substance abuse evaluation must be current.

We recommend that you be represented by legal counsel to best ensure your Michigan driver’s license appeal is granted. You will want to advise the Department of your attorney’s name, address, and telephone number. Call 1-888-SOS-MICH to hear a recorded message detailing the appeal/reinstatement process.


Michigan Department of State

Administrative Hearings Section

P.O. Box 30196

Lansing, MI 48909-7696


You will have to obtain notarized letters that document your substance use habits from people in your community who have frequent contact with you and have knowledge of your drinking habits and/or use of controlled substances.Family members, other relatives, employers, friends, pastors, local police, a recognized support group, neighbors or others with whom you associate are prime examples of the type of people you should get letters from. You are require to submit at least 3 letters, but not more than 6.

Sign, date and notarize all letters and include the complete mailing address and daytime telephone number of the writer, and include at least the following information about you:

  • What their relationship is to you.

  • How long they have known you.

  • How often they see you.

  • Have them to the best of their ability describe their knowledge of your use of alcohol and/or drugs, both past and present. This should identify the frequency of use, amount used, beverage and/or drug of choice, etc.

  • When the last time was they saw or were aware that you consumed any alcohol and/or drugs.

  • What their knowledge is of your past and current effort to participate in treatment and/or a support group.

  • Have them include other information they believe is important.

Pleasure do not use form letters.

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It is optimal to retain copies of your letters that document the history of your substance abuse and evaluation and submit the originals. In the event restrictions were given to you that you which included an ignition interlock requirement, you will want to submit the ignition interlock Final Report in addition to your other documentation.

If you are unprepared it is better to request the hearing be adjourned versus failing to appear, as they are not eligible for another hearing for up to one year from the date of the scheduled hearing.

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