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Michigan Medical Marijuana Bill

Michigan Medical Marijuana Bill 4271, and 5104 went up in smoke after being approved by the lower chamber along with a stalemate in the Senate at the final hours of the lame-duck session. These bills would have facilitated the use of medibles and other non-smokable forms of marijuana for patients registered. More enticingly for others the resolution for: the return and regulation of dispensaries. Once the verdict of the bill became evident to State Rep. Mike Calton, R-Nashville he asked the Majority Leader Randy Richardville to remove the dispensary bill. During the more promising hours of the morinng the bill had favorable wining votes but quickly became vulnerable to the vicissitudes of the Michigan Sheriff’s association. Michigan Association Chief of police, Local Public Health, and the Prosecuting attorneys of Michigan sent a letter to lawmakers stating the bills would “take Michigan down an uncharted course”. Only to have been preceded by an unsettled registration discrepancy to the tune of another uncharted course. In the meantime problems with local government, law enforcement and ultimately the patient still remains unresolved.

This unexpected turn in Lansing started when the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules hesitated about online registration for existing and new patients: as to how it would effect both parties. The committee chair, Senator John Pappageorge determined that online registration definitely presents setbacks for underprivileged individuals that cannot access the internet to register or renew their medical marijuana card. Furthermore, this disapproval set forth to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs for the efficiency and time inconveniences the new bill would cause. This would obligate all individuals to have internet access for registration or renewals of state issued medical marijuana card. Nevertheless, a milestone transverses since some individuals don’t have access to the internet. As expected this did not sit well with Pappageorge causing him to mull over the matter further.

Cautiously, Lawmakers simply feel more time should be used to work on distribution options for dispensaries while the pressure continues to surge for the next sessions vote. On the forefront, Policy analyst representative for the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), Desmond Mitchell gallantly stated that online registration would be “great” since the rate of denials would be significantly reduced by this new online process, the “new process will make the denial rate almost extinct because of the majority of denials stem from filing errors”. In return it revamps the process to be error free which equates to no denials for those that apply. Overall, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Bills process is highly efficient, while absolutely inefficient for others.

Dispensaries operated fluidly in many communities in Michigan until a ruling by the Supreme Court in People v. McQueen in the early part of 2013 when determined their operations could be a nuisance to the public. To further fustrate matters, during the middle of the year Michigan Courts of Appeals deemed medibles as a non-usable form of marijuana, in spite of it being a healthier alternative to smoking it up. State Representative, Tom McMilin set forth his concerns to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Bill Review Panel to consider a modification for the new law and its online registration. Moreover, marijuana is still very illegal under federal law and questiones if “a peer-review study” could actually be done in the U.S. LARA representative stated that universities outside the U.S. have studied the drug and outside-research from other countries would be admissible for the information needed to modify the new law.

Michigan Senate continues to move forward on legislation to allows marijuana dispensaries and non-smokable forms of the drug to be permissible in the state. As time continues to quickly dwindle away, Majority Leader Randy Richardville made his intentions evident by stating legislation reforms are to completely eliminate rotten apples from benefiting from activities but more importantly to help those patients who really need the Michigan Medical Marijuana Bill for their qualifying medical conditions. The new proposed strategy for online registration should get the ball rolling for these bills as soon as the early part of 2015. Allowing Michigans uncharted course to makes its way to a new twist. If you or a family member are facing criminal charges, contact Rudoi Law today! At Rudoi Law we are experts in the logistics and science of DUI Defense.