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Juvenile Crimes


Juvenile Crimes are Committed by Persons under 17 years

Juvenile crimes are defined as  illegal acts that are committed by  individuals under the age of 17 years. Often in juvenile crime cases, parents take for granted that their children, being minors, will not be subjected to severe legal penalties if convicted. However, frequently these assumptions are major mistakes. Michigan prosecutors take juvenile crimes very seriously, and often seek maximum punishments for minors who have been convicted. If a minor has committed a felony offense and is approaching the age of 17, he or she could even be charged as an adult.

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Juvenile Crimes Can Lead to Harsh Penalties

If convicted of a crime minors can face penalties that include fines, probation, mandatory drug/alcohol counseling, community service, placement in a juvenile detention center, and even jail time. When facing a criminal offense, your child has the same rights to fair legal proceedings as an adult facing charges. Only an experienced criminal defense attorney can protect your child’s rights while pursuing an outcome that involves the reduction or dismissal of the charges.

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If your child has been charged with a crime, it is imperative that you act swiftly and secure representation from a quality Oakland County criminal defense attorney. At Rudoi Law, we know how to fight Juvenile Crimes charges. We will present the serious, aggressive defense you need. Our experience with the local legal environment can help us define a legal strategy that works best for you and your need for a fair and fast resolution.

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