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What To Do If Pulled Over With Weed


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What to Do If Pulled Over With Marijuana

1. Be Polite.

2. No Probable Cause? Admit Nothing.

Why did they pull you over? Are they claiming your driving was impaired? Do they now smell weed? If the cops aren’t working up probable cause, then you should admit nothing.

3. If yes they do have probable cause,

show your valid card, and if asked, tell them you are under your legal weight limit.

4. Never consent to a search.

If the officer says, “What are you trying to hide?” simply say the 4th Amendment grants you the right to privacy. Then politely tell him you’d like to speak with your attorney.

5. If you are searched,

don’t answer any questions, just simply say you want to talk to David Rudoi, your medical marijuana lawyer.