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Home invasion is considered a criminal offense, including in the state of Michigan. This means charges carry severe penalties. Even if you are a first offender, you will not be spared by the law in Royal Oak, MI. Thus the need for an excellent home invasion charges defense lawyer is crucial to your case.

The offense is divided into three categories—first, second, and third degree home invasions – each one carries different penalties.

First Degree Home Invasion, for example, comes with twenty years imprisonment with a fine of $5,000.00 when proven guilty. This is considered the most serious of all home invasion crimes.

Section 750.110a of The Michigan Penal Code explains the various terms and scenarios that constitute a home invasion, including the penalties associated with the crime.

Why You Need a Home Invasion Charges Attorney

  • Help You Understand What You’re Up Against

Did you know that you can be accused of home invasion even if only a part of your arm passes through another person’s window? The act is covered in the definition of Entering in Breaking & Entering, which states that any part of your body that crosses a home’s plane make you guilty of the crime.

It doesn’t matter if you changed your mind halfway through either because the intent was there – and that’s all prosecutors need to have you charged for home invasion.

  • Protect You Against Consecutive Sentencing

If you were charged with other felonies on top of home invasion, there is a huge possibility that the court may impose consecutive sentencing. This means you must first serve your sentence for other crimes you were convicted during a home invasion before you serve your sentence for the home invasion charges.

This could mean spending one imprisonment period after another or paying one fine after another.

But with the help of lawyers specializing in home invasion, your sentence could be reduced to just one and the consecutive sentencing nullified.

  • Protect You From Possible Charges as an Accomplice or Co-Conspirator

As an accomplice or co-conspirator, you could be faced with the same charges as the mastermind of a home invasion. Even if you are only guilty of working out the details of the crime, suffering the same fate when your participation is limited can be painful.

There are many circumstances where you can be accused of working as an accomplice even if you were only seen talking to a criminal a few minutes before the crime was committed. What if the culprit simply asked for directions? How were you to know that the information you gave them will point them to the house they want to break into?

Under the circumstances, you will need the assistance of the best home invasion charges defense lawyer in Royal Oak, MI to assert your rights and prove your innocence.

A home invasion conviction can have a devastating impact on your career and future. So make sure the attorney handling your case has the experience in serious felony cases and has a proven track record of winning them.

In Rudoi Law, criminal defense lawyers are trained to fight home invasion felony charges. Known to be experienced in the success of representing clients, these lawyers will provide the defense you need in court by presenting with the best legal strategies that will result in a fair and fast resolution.
If you wish to get a free consultation, contact Rudoi Law at (248) 935-9074 or visit their office in 104 W. Fourth St., Suite 210, Royal Oak, MI 48067.