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Depression and pain associated with social exclusion is reduced by marijuana and could lead to higher self-esteem, study shows.

Marijuana improves self-esteem.

Marijuana improves self-esteem.

The University of Kentucky has conducted a four-part study that revealed marijuana is helpful in reducing the pain associated with social exclusion, may combat depression, and could lead to higher self-esteem.

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“The current research provides the first evidence that marijuana also dampens the negative emotional consequences of social exclusion on negative emotional outcomes,” stated Timothy Deckman of the University of Kentucky in the study.

The study included 7040 participants, three methodologies and began with a study using data from the National Comorbidity Study. It found that marijuana consumers who reported being lonely showed increased levels of self-worth, in addition to overall mental health, compared with non-marijuana users who reported being lonely.

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Data from the National Comorbidity Survey Replication was used in the second study, and found that those who use marijuana relatively frequently and experienced social pain were less likely to experience a serious episode of depression over the course of the past year.

High school student were surveyed in the third study, examining levels of depression, loneliness and lifetime marijuana consumption. After two years, the students were surveyed again. It was discovered that marijuana use predicted lower levels of depression among students who were considered to be lonely.

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In the final study participants played a computer game called Cyberball, which had been reprogrammed to consistently ignore the participant to evoke social exclusion. Researchers found that marijuana users had a smaller decrease in self-esteem after the game was over.

Discover the study about marijuana and depression published online in Social Psychological and Personality Science by clicking here.

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