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Washtenaw County Circuit Court

Charged with Drunk Driving or a Drug Offense? Rudoi Law Can Help

Do you or a loved one need legal representation in a drunk driving or drug case? Rudoi Law stands with clients who have been charged with criminal offenses in the Washtenaw County Circuit Court. Rudoi Law protects the rights of clients all over Michigan. If you need a drunk driving lawyer in Michigan, call Rudoi Law today. When it comes to criminal charges, it is never too early to call an experienced, professional DUI or Drug lawyer who will stand up to defend you.

Rudoi Law can assist you in any and all criminal matters that come up before the Washtenaw Trial Court in Washtenaw County. Located near downtown Ann Arbor, the Washtenaw Trial Court hears civil cases, family law cases, wills issues, and criminal matters.

The esteemed judges at the court are seven of the best educated former attorneys in the county. The judges understand how the law works, and how the law will apply to your case. For a criminal case in front of these judges, you will need a smart and determined lawyer. Rudoi Law can be your Washtenaw County attorney.

Drunk Driving Charges

Some of the most common criminal cases brought before the Washtenaw Trial Court are Third offense drunk driving or driving under the influence cases. If convicted of Third offense drunk driving, you could be sentenced to 1-5 years in prison, have your license suspended, and pay hefty fines. These are serious criminal charges that require a serious lawyer’s assistance. If you or someone you know have been charged with Third Offense drunk driving call Rudoi Law today.

Drug Manufacture or Distribution

Another common criminal case brought before the Washtenaw Trial Court are Narcotics Trafficing cases. If convicted of  Narcotics Trafficing penalties can be up to 20 years in prison depending of the type and amount of drugs involved. These are very serious charges and it is important that you retain an expert criminal defense attorney to represent you and protect your rights.  If you or someone you know have been charged with Narcotics Trafficing call Rudoi Law today.

We don’t just stand up for our clients. We stand with them.

Call the experts at Rudoi Law today for help on your criminal case.