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Wayne County Circuit Court

Wayne County Circuit Court

In Michigan, the Third Judicial Circuit has jurisdiction over criminal, civil, and family law matters arising in Wayne County. Civil matters that fall within the court’s jurisdiction include claims of negligence, personal injury, and employment discrimination so long as the amount claimed in damages is more than $25,000.

The court also hears civil cases that are appealed from the Wayne County district courts. Regarding matters of criminal law, the Third Judicial Circuit hears all criminal appeals from the Wayne County district courts and all felony cases that are bound over from said courts.

Practically speaking, the Third Judicial Circuit court has the power to hear a wide variety of different civil and criminal cases. When choosing a Michigan attorney to be your legal representative, particularly in criminal matters, it is important to choose a firm that has the expertise required to be an aggressive advocate in both the Wayne County district courts and the Third Judicial Circuit courts. Because the stakes in a criminal law case can be so high, it is frequently in a client’s best interest to choose a Michigan lawyer that specializes in criminal defense.

Rudoi Law is a Michigan law firm that specializes in DUI, OWI, and Drug related defense. Their focus on providing top-notch criminal defense ensures that every client receives the benefits of their specialized expertise. An attorney at Rudoi Law will be able to provide the best in zealous advocacy from the Wayne County district level courts to the Third Judicial Circuit court and beyond if necessary.

If you or a loved one require legal representation in Michigan or have questions regarding the Wayne County Circuit court, please do not hesitate to contact Rudoi Law.