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Because sexual crimes can have devastating effects on the victims, charges to such assaults are taken seriously by the state of Michigan. Convicted offenders are charged with severe punishments, such as time in prison and fines. However, due to some “innocent” people who are convicted of such crime that they didn’t intentionally do, a sex crimes defense attorney is essential to save their future.

Being convicted of a sex crime is a life-devastating experience. You need to immediately consult a sex crime defense attorney to represent you in court. Call Rudoi Law to get a free consultation.

Understanding Sex Crimes Defense

In Royal Oak, MI, and in most parts of Michigan, the terms “rape,” “sexual battery,” and “sexual assault” are legally termed as Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC). Under the law of the state of Michigan, there are four degrees by which CSC is categorized.

Criminal Sexual Conduct is just one of the many wrongfully charged crimes against some innocent individuals. What are the different degrees of CSC?

1st Degree

This falls under felony. There is a sexual act which involves penetration and any of these sub categories:

  • The victim is 13 to 15 years old. He or she may be a blood affiliation to the offender, is living with the offender, or the offender is the direct authority of the victim.
  • Force or coercion is applied to accomplish the sexual act; the victim is made helpless, or there is a weapon involved.
  • Personal injury and force applied.
  • There is personal injury and the victim is incapacitated due to age, mental illness, intoxication, etc.
  • The offender is in the process of committing another act of felony.

Punishment: Life imprisonment and a lifetime mandatory sex offender registration.

2nd Degree:

This also falls under felony. There is sexual contact but with no penetration with the genital area, inner thigh, groin, breast, buttocks, and other circumstances listed on the 1st degree.

Punishment: Offender is sentenced to fifteen years of prison time with a mandatory sex offender registration for life.

3rd Degree:

This also falls under felony. There is sexual penetration and any of the following circumstances:

  • The victim is 13 to 15 years old;
  • There is evidence of force or coercion;
  • The victim is made helpless through intoxication, date rape drugs, or the victim is unable to give consent because of age or mental illness

Punishment: The sex offender is convicted of fifteen years in prison, and a mandatory registration to the sex offender registry.

4th Degree:

This falls under a misdemeanor crime. There is sexual contact and any of the following acts:

  • There is force or coercion
  • The victim is incapacitated due to mental illness, minor age, intoxication, and rape drug
  • If the victim is an inmate and the offender happen to be an employee of the Department of Corrections

Punishment: Offender is sentenced up to 2 years in prison and a fine of not more than $500.

Expectations After the Conviction

As being said, sexual assaults charges are made heavier and stricter because of the devastating effects that a sex crime has on a victim. However, if you are one of those who is accused of such crime, you too can be traumatized, especially when you admitted the sexual activity with the consent of the other party.

Expect that you and your loved ones will experience both emotional and psychological trauma, as well as the possibility of a social stigma. Also, you have to expect that your employment and finances will be affected. Because of the effects that sex crimes can do to you, the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer is a necessity.

Get the Best Sex Crimes Defense Attorney in Royal Oak

To get you out of trouble, talk to trustworthy defense lawyers who are knowledgeable in sex crimes. Rudoi Law has a team of excellent criminal defense lawyers in the country who can give you the best legal advice and representations in court.

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