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Careless driving is defined as a “careless disregard” for the rules of the road, or “driving without due caution.” Careless driving normally presents a hazard to other drivers and pedestrians, whether it was intentional or accidental. Careless driving charges have been more prominent with text messaging while driving. Royal Oak and all of Michigan has a 12 penalty points system that holds drivers accountable. A Michigan driver’s license will be suspended if they reach the 12 points in a two year period. Motorists who are convicted of careless driving face a fine and three points on their driving record.

Careless Driving vs. Reckless Driving

There is a huge difference between reckless and careless driving. Careless driving is the lesser of these two charges but can still significantly impact you. The three points that come with careless driving in Michigan can really cost you when your auto insurance bills skyrocket. Depending on the type of careless driving charge that you received, it can also come with a hefty fine. Call an experienced Careless Driving Lawyer who can help keep your driving record clean.

Explore Your Options

If you have been charged with Careless Driving in Michigan, you should understand that it is the job of the prosecution to prove the charge. Many times, these charges can be challenged and result in a favorable outcome. Depending on the particulars of your case, it’s possible that the other driver was at fault or that you made a decision out of necessity. Rudoi Law will help you explore your options and get you the best possible deal.

If you have been charged with careless driving or other traffic-related violations in Royal Oak, MI., or the surrounding Tri-County areas, contact Rudoi Law immediately at (248) 935-9074 for your free, no-obligation consultation.