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DUI lawyer in Michigan

In a criminal case, every minute you wait to hire an attorney puts you at risk of losing valuable legal options. Many procedural rights have strict deadlines and certain defensive strategies rely on time sensitive materials and procedures.

Don’t hesitate—call Rudoi Law now. We’ll help you in every step of your battle.

Proven Drunk Driving
Legal Defense

Michigan DUI Lawyer

David Rudoi is an experienced DUI Lawyer in Michigan who focuses on criminal law. Against drunk driving charges—also known as OWI or DUI—we can assemble a case that recognizes your need for equality and fairness.

Through our understanding of case law and police procedure, we will craft an aggressive legal defense to help protect your freedom.

Medical Marijuana Legal Prescreen and Defense

Marijuana lawyer in Michigan

Rudoi Law understands the strengths and weakness of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

As Michigan medical marijuana attorneys, we can give you sound legal guidance before you begin medical marijuana treatment or start as a caregiver.

In addition, we’re specialists in defending clients against a legal system that often ignores the spirit and letter of the MMMA.

Felonies and

Michigan DUI Lawyer

If you’re facing a felony or misdemeanor criminal charge, it’s time to make the most important step in your defense.

Contact Rudoi Law to put a fighter in your corner.

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