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43rd District Court, Ferndale, Michigan

When dealing with no-nonsense judges, defendants should have no-nonsense attorneys on their side. The expert drunk driving defense lawyers at Rudoi Law will represent victims who must appear in court for driving under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes, people are wrongfully accused of this crime. Other times, there can be insufficient evidence. The best attorneys for such criminal charges are those who know the law and can advocate aggressively on their clients’ behalf. Here at Rudoi Law, we are familiar with how these local districts function, and are ready, willing and able to fight for your legal rights.

43rd District Court

The 43rd District Court, located on 305 E. Nine Rd., Ferndale, Michigan, is comprised of three cities, namely, Ferndale, Hazel Park, and Madison Heights. Each of these segments oversees criminal offenses. Ferndale cases are presided over by Judge Joseph Longo. Offenses that occur in Hazel Park are adjudicated by Judge Keith Hunt, and sitting on the bench at Madison Heights is Judge Robert Turner. Residents of these cities and just about any attorney in Michigan is aware of the reputation of these judges.

Judges of the 43rd District Court

The judges of the 43rd District Court’s adjudications include formal and informal traffic hearings, trials, and parking cases. Others cases are civil litigation with a $25,000 maximum, small claims, garnishment proceedings, and evictions. Among other hearings are arraignments and most misdemeanor charges, which may be drug cases, drug possessions, drunk driving or MIP, to name a few. The district is also responsible for setting and accepting bail, conducting bench and jury trials, sentencing, and examining felony preliminary cases.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Presumption of innocence is upheld by the legal system of most contemporary societies. This principle recognizes that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, the burden of a criminal’s proof of guilt rests on the government. Normally, the government’s chief representative is the prosecuting attorney. Many times these attorneys can be very tough because, like most attorneys, they always fight to win.

Get Legal Representation

People who are charged with crimes are not always guilty. Therefore, they need an advocate who believes in their innocence. Because the accused are not legal practitioners, they may be ignorant of their rights. Sometimes, they may know their rights but are unable to legally represent themselves. This is where the criminal defense lawyers at Rudoi Law can help.
We are knowledgeable and experienced in this field. We will fight aggressively on behalf of you, the defendant. Of course, there are times when defendants are guilty. In such cases, our attorneys will fight for lesser charges by making plea bargains. For instance, the DUI lawyers here at Rudoi Law will negotiate on behalf of you based on the circumstantial evidence.
The legal defense presents cases after examination of the facts, causes, and damages. Qualified criminal attorneys know which legal options to take because their main focus is criminal law. We know police procedures and are aware of the procedural rights of the accused. Because we understand these and other aspects of case law, we can assemble your case efficiently. Our proven and effective defense strategies work to ensure equality and fairness of the law.
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