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46th District Court, Southfield, Michigan

If you are summoned to 46th District Court in Oakland County, Rudoi Law will not only effectively represent you but help maneuver you through the court’s system.

The 46th District Court serves Southfield, Beverly Hills, Franklin, Village, Lathrup Village, Southfield Township, and Bingham Farms. The address of the District Court house is 2600 Evergreen Rd., Southfield, MI 48076.

Three elected judges serve this Court. They are the Honorable Shelia R. Johnson, the Honorable Susan M. Moiseev, and the Honorable Bill Richards. There are also two appointed Magistrates whose duties are to conduct arraignments, small claims trials, and informal traffic hearings. The magistrates also set bail and perform marriages.

If you are summoned to the 46th District Court in Southfield, Michigan, Rudoi Law will not only effectively represent you but help maneuver you through the court’s system.

Criminal Cases Handled

• Criminal misdemeanors that warrant punishments under one year. These misdemeanors include offenses like drug possession.
• Civil litigation cases under $25,000.00
• Traffic and parking tickets
• Arraignments, setting and acceptance of bail, and preliminary hearings for felonies that have punishments of over one year.
• Disputes over small claims under $3,000
• Land contract forfeitures as well as disagreements between landlords and tenants

DUI Lawyers in Michigan

Lawyers like the DUI attorneys at Rudoi Law have an understanding of how your DUI case should be conducted in the 46th District Court. Rudoi Law’s focus is on criminal law and they are experts at handling drunk driving charges.

The 46th District Court is known for handing out harsh sentences, but the judges of this Court can also be fair when a Michigan DUI Lawyer such as David Rudoi points out all sides of the law to help them make their judgment. Rudoi Law has a lot of experience with this court and they can make the judge’s decision easier.

Michigan Medical Marijuana Lawyer

Dave Rudoi, Attorney at Law and all the attorneys at Rudoi law are also experts when it comes to both the strengths and weaknesses of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Someone who is considering medical marijuana as their treatment for a specific condition may want to make an appointment at Rudoi Law and take advantage of their legal advice before beginning.

If you have been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, the most important thing you can do is choose the right lawyer. Rudoi Law will fight for you and your rights so that you get the best results possible. Contact us right away to get someone on your side who fight for you.