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52-3 District Court, Rochester, Michigan

If you are summoned to 52nd District Court in Rochester, Michigan, Rudoi Law will not only effectively represent you but help maneuver you through the court’s system.

The 3rd Division of the 52nd District Court in Oakland County, Michigan was founded in 1968 by a directive of Michigan’s State Constitution. This court has more contact with citizens than any other in the Michigan judicial system. The Fifty-Second 3rd is located in Rochester Hills, Michigan and serves the cities, townships, and villages of Oakland County like Rochester Hills, Orion Township, Oakland Township, Addison Township, and Oxford.

52-3 District Court

Four major divisions make up the Fifty-Second 3rd District Court. These divisions are:

  • Civil – The Civil Division processes damage claims, disputes between tenants and landlords, and other cases that involve money.
  • Criminal – The Criminal Division manages the paperwork that comes from police departments, other state law offices, and ordinance prosecutors.
  • Traffic – The Traffic Division handles the citations that the area police write.
  • Probation – The Probation Department supervises people who are on probation. It conducts hearings for probation violations, investigations done before sentencing, and alcohol tests.

Most misdemeanor cases in  Oakland County area are processed through this court. This includes cases like domestic assault, marijuana possession, and drunk driving.

The three judges who preside over cases in the Fifty-Second 3rd District Court are Judge Lisa Asadoorian, Judge Nancy Carniak, and Judge Julie Nicholson. These judges are known to be particularly hard on defendants. Any defendant should go into court in this District with an experienced Michigan attorney.

Attorneys in Michigan

Rudoi Law is a Michigan based law firm who has frequently appeared before these judges and can confirm that the sentences for things like drunk driving in the Rochester Hills area are some of the most severe in Michigan. Defendants in DUI, OWI, and impaired driving cases can be given prolonged periods of probation, fines and court costs in the thousands of dollars, and possibly even jail time.

Because of the reputation of these judges, defendants would be wise to hire an experienced Michigan DUI lawyer who is familiar with the workings of this court system and who can put together a case that is fair and which concentrates on the defendants need for equality. The DUI lawyers of Rudoi Law can create a case that is aggressive and designed to protect the freedom of the defendant.

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