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Marijuana or “cannabis” is a psychoactive drug that can induce calm and can also be used for medical purposes. Growing marijuana at home has become a hobby for people who use it for recreational purposes or for those who use it as medication.

According to Royal Oak’s moratorium on medical marijuana, the ordinance allows patients to possess marijuana in his or her home with the assistance of a caregiver. However, medical marijuana cultivation in Royal Oak, MI been prohibited in houses and people who do not follow this law will face severe penalties.

Your Rights When Involved in Medical Marijuana Cultivation

According to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, the use of and manufacture of medical marijuana has not been legalized to protect the people of Michigan from arrest, penalty, prosecution, or being denied by any right.

To provide you an insight regarding your rights as a medical marijuana user, read the information below.

Qualifying as a Registered Patient

For a person to be considered a qualifying registered patient in Michigan, one must be diagnosed by a physician for having a medical condition that needs to be alleviated by marijuana.

According to MCR 333.101 (5), people with a debilitating medical condition are those:

  • Who have cancer, hepatitis C, positive for human immunodeficiency virus, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, glaucoma, amyotrophic later sclerosis, and nail patella.
  • With wasting syndrome or cachexia, seizures, chronic pain, nausea, or epilepsy.
  • Affected by other types of debilitating medical conditions that should be approved by the department.

How Much Marijuana Are Allowed for Possession and Where to Grow Them?

If the qualified patient has not called upon a caregiver to cultivate marijuana for them, the patient can only possess 12 marijuana plants inside an enclosed facility, away from other people.

The marijuana plants are only for the qualified patient and the primary caregiver.

Getting a Legal Prescreen for Medical Marijuana

Just because the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act has provided an opportunity for patients with debilitating medical conditions to use or possess marijuana or “cannabis”, it does not mean that there are legal considerations for them.

Michigan’s contradictory laws continue to confuse many other civilians as the law enforcement still enforce the previous law on Medical Marijuana, even after new and updated legislation has been passed.

Here are the steps needed to get a medical marijuana card:

  • Find a doctor who can provide evidence of your debilitating medical condition, qualifying you for marijuana medical use.
  • Continue with the application process of Michigan Medical Marijuana Program and bring the following:(a) Medical records from your physician describing your medical condition.

    (b) A signature from a licensed physician in Michigan.

    (c) Proof of residency in Michigan.

  • Mail your application to the Michigan Department of Community Health along with your ID, Caregiver’s Identification Card, and money for the application.

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