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What is the Expected Bail for First Time DUI in Royal Oak, Michigan?

First Offense DUI in Royal Oak

Royal Oak District Court


Michigan takes DUI and similar offenses very seriously. In Michigan, drunk driving is typically classified as Operating While Intoxicated (OWI). If you have been arrested for OWI or DUI in Royal Oak, Michigan, you will be wondering how much bail is going to cost and what additional penalties you might face. This partly depends on whether this is a first offense DUI or whether you have a prior record. It is also important to have a lawyer experienced with OWI and DUI cases.

While it is possible to be released without paying bail, you could be required to pay up to $1000. A good lawyer may be able to get your bail reduced. A first offense DUI is treated as a misdemeanor in Michigan. Penalties can include fines up to $500, up to 93 days in jail, up to 360 hours of community service, license suspension, an ignition interlock device and 6 points added to your driving record. Find an attorney that is familiar with the courts and judges in Royal Oak, Sterling Heights, Rochester Hills or the city where you were arrested. A good DUI lawyer in Michigan may be able to get your charges reduced and lessen the severity of the penalties you face.

As in most states, you will be charged with a DWI or OWI if your blood alcohol level is over .08%. Michigan also has a Super Drunk law that applies to blood alcohol levels of .17% and higher. In those cases, penalties can be more severe. If you are an underage driver, the Zero Tolerance law means you can be charged with a blood alcohol level of only .02%.

It does not take much for the police to stop you on suspicion of driving while impaired. A former Michigan State University coach recently suspended one of his football players who was arrested after his car crossed the center line a single time. The suspension came before the case even went to court. In some cases, charges can be reduced to a simple non-alcohol traffic offense. This is most likely to happen if the breathalyzer test is administered improperly or if there has been a procedural violation. Without an experienced DUI lawyer, you are unlikely to have this kind of success in court.


This is not the time to experiment with self-representation or plead to the charges “just to get it over with.” You need the expertise of a lawyer that specializes in OWI and DUI cases.


At Rudoi Law, we have the OWI (DUI) expertise you need. We understand the criminal system. We know the defense strategies that have won in court. And we understand the judges and prosecutors working in lower michigan today. We’ll give you the tough defense you deserve, all while demystifying a complex process.


What’s more, we understand the needs of our clients. Battling for your future can be emotionally draining. And for many people, a first offense DUI is the only trouble they’ve had with the law. That’s one of the reasons why we work so hard. We believe one mistake shouldn’t mar a lifetime of work or cost you your freedom. If You or a loved one is facing drunk driving charges contact Rudoi Law today.