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DUI Offenses

DUI Offenses in Michigan

What can I get charged with if I’m stopped for drunk driving? What are the offenses? We understand how confusing and frustrating the courts can be. Right after you’re charged, contact the Rudoi Law Firm to assist you. We have years of experience helping clients just like you.

First Offense

Even for a DUI first offense, you face serious potential punishments. Jail time is a real possibility.

Second Offense

Prosecutors are very, very reluctant to offer fair or reasonable pleas if you’ve been charged with drunk driving a second time.

Third Offense

We know how third offense drunk driving offenses are prosecuted so we can expose every element of their case.

How to Beat a DUI Charge in Michigan

There are a number of ways your case could be defended. Here are 40.

Superdrunk Driving

If a driver tests 0.17 or higher blood alcohol level, the Superdrunk law allows for harsher or additional penalties in an OWI (DUI) conviction.

Zero Tolerance OWI

A person under the age of 21 years may not operate a motor vehicle if they have any bodily alcohol content.

Don’t let your rights be trampled on by the court system. Entrust your criminal defense case to Rudoi Law. Schedule a consultation by calling (248) 914-9387 or by filling out our online form!