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Oakland County Circuit Court

Oakland County Circuit Court

Oakland County Circuit Court is located at 1200 North Telegraph Road, Dept. 404 in Pontiac, Michigan. The court functions as a division of the state’s judicial system. At the courthouse, they hear trials on everything relating to general jurisdiction for those in Oakland County. Civil and criminal cases are both heard in the courthouse, as well as that of appeals from the District Court, administrative agencies and Probate Court. This court has complete jurisdiction for matters that involve the family.

Oakland County Circuit Court exists to make sure the laws of the jurisdiction are carried out to the fullest extent of the law. One of the main types of cases they serve is that of DUI and OWI charges.

If you are facing civil or criminal charges, you may end up in front of one of the following judges: James Alexander, Martha Anderson, Leo Bowman, Rae Chabot, Nanci Grant, Shalina Kumar, Denise Langford-Morris, Phyllis McMillen, Rudy Nichols, Colleen O’Brien, Daniel O’Brien, Wendy Potts or Michael Warren.

Those in need of a family judge will one of these judges: Mary Brennan, Lisa Gorcyca, Linda Hallmark, Cheryl Matthews, Elizabeth Pezzetti, Edward Sosnick or Joan Young. Of the aforementioned judges, Mary Brennan, Joan Young and Colleen O’Brien handle drug related charges.

Depending on whether you are facing your first charge or you are a repeat offender, you could be facing an array of different sentences. It’s important to get proper legal representation on your side.

An Oakland County Attorney can help provide you with the advice and assistance you need to overcome your difficult situation. Give the attorneys at Rudoi Law a call to discuss your case with them and go over all the charges you face. Contact them today to help overcome the difficult situation lying before you.