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Aggravated Assault in Michigan

Aggravated Assault and Battery Defense

An aggravated assault charge could result in a year in jail, $1,000.00 in fines, probation, and a permanent blemish on your record.

If you assault someone that eventually leads to an injury you could be convicted of aggravated assault and thrown in jail for up to one year.

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Aggravated assault is also referred to as assault and infliction of serious injury. Michigan’s aggravated assault law is a very harsh law and must be taken seriously. If the “victim” in your assault sought medical treatment the state can magnify your simple assault and battery charge into an aggravated assault charge.

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In these instances the government is not even required to bring in a doctor or nurse to court to prove that the medical treatment was necessary. As a result, an individual that is accusing you, who has no formal training can condemn you a year in jail, $1,000.00 in fines, probation, and a permanent blemish on your record.


Worse, if you are a man and the accuser is a woman, the prosecutor will utilize a special “Victim’s Advocate” to stand by your accuser’s side at most every court hearing. They utilize this tactic to prejudice the court into perceiving you as a criminal before you have been given the your right to defend yourself.

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Don’t allow them to presume you guilty without a fair fight. By choosing a highly-skilled aggravated assault attorney, you can protect your rights, image and freedom. If you are facing aggravated assault charges you must not wait to contact a Michigan assault attorney.

At Rudoi Law, we specialize in aggravated assault charges. We will present the serious, aggressive defense you need. Our experience with the local legal environment can help us define a legal strategy that works best for you and your need for a fair and fast resolution.