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45B District Court, Oak Park, Michigan

DUI Lawyer in Michigan

Have you or a loved one been arrested for DUI/OWI in Huntington Woods, ¬†or Oak Park,? If so, your case will likely be tried in 45B District Court in Oak Park. But don’t leave it to chance; Rudoi Law will help you in court, and we’ll help you get back to your life.

45B District Court Operations

45B District Court handles many civil and small claims cases, landlord-tenant disputes, misdemeanors, and even preliminary processing for felonies. It also handles traffic and parking violations–including DUI. This court is located in Oak Park, at 13600 Oak Park Boulevard, and operates weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM, except for holidays. All cases are presided over by either Judge Michelle Friedman Appel, or Judge David M. Gubow.

Rudoi Law Can Help

The Judges Appel and Gubow are professionals, and all misdemeanors in ¬†Pleasant Ridge, Oak Park, and Huntington Woods are presided over by them, exclusively. Even if it’s your first offense, DUI charges are very serious, and one mistake can send you to jail. Here at Rudoi Law, we are experts in police procedure, misdemeanor cases, and if you are serious about legal defense, then we are serious about helping you out. You may not know all your rights, but we will help you fight through, and put the uncomfortableness of a court case behind you.

Don’t hesitate, contact the experts at Rudoi Law who know, and are willing to fight for, your rights.