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DUI Offenses

DUI Offenses in Michigan

First Offense

Even for a DUI first offense, you face serious potential punishments.
Jail time is a real possibility.


Second Offense

Prosecutors are very, very reluctant to offer fair or reasonable pleas if you’ve been charged with drunk driving a second time.


Third Offense

We know how third offense drunk driving offenses are prosecuted so we can expose every element of their case.


How to Beat a DUI Charge in Michigan

There are a number of ways your case could be defended.
Here are 40.


Superdrunk Driving

If a driver tests 0.17 or higher blood alcohol level, the Superdrunk law allows for harsher or additional penalties in an OWI (DUI) conviction.


Zero Tolerance OWI

A person under the age of 21 years may not operate a motor vehicle if they have any bodily alcohol content.